Mario Testino: "I'm not just a photographer"

Mario Testino is one of the most sought-after photographers of contemporary fashion. Although his work can be seen on the glossy pages. Lovers wander through the long corridors of the art galleries, you may be surprised to see the name of the glossy photographer. Its diversity Mario explains simply: "I Want to believe that I'm not just a photographer. I like the idea that Commerce and art can co-exist."

Mario Testino

All models, who worked with the master, in one voice declare that they themselves and see in life. Agree, worthy of praise is hardly anyone who can guess the internal sight of a man on himself. And it is for this vision and love for him.

Mario Testino was born in Lima, capital of Peru, on 30 October 1954. In his upbringing "involved" several cultures. The son of Italian and Spanish with Irish roots spent his school years in an American Catholic school.

Parents do not impose son's choice of profession. He managed to study at five universities, studying international relations and law... and bored. Far more interesting he seemed to work with the lens.

The first steps in his career he was doing, photographing aspiring models. For £ 25 proposed portfolio, including hair and makeup. In parallel, moonlighting as a waiter saving up money to buy good equipment. But even in the restaurant did not forget about his calling – with pleasure photographed colleagues.

The path to success
In the 80-ies begin his quest for a personal style: "I tried to emulate the English photographers; I was hypnotized by their style culture in General. But I wasn't too good because I was impersonating someone else's handwriting." He managed to find his own only after his collaboration with Carine roitfeld (editor of French Vogue ).

The main "trick" the master that on the set people very well. And to the question: "What do you need to get a great photo?", Testino says: "Emotions, good light, good model, a little humor, a good team". Note – no word on the talent, an unusual idea or production problems.

As is often the case in fashion, the green light is the novice master gave celebrity. In the case of Testino — it was the cult of the Madonna. For advertising Versace was initially invited Richard Avedon. But something did not work and with the filing of the pop star's advertising photography has offered Mario.

Gianni Versace first saw his work, said: "you Have a rare gift – photographing clothes. You are able to show it in the best light."

After this assessment, master of fashion career Mario could not develop. Many celebrities admire the talent of the photographer — Kate moss, Sigourney weaver, Gisele Bundchen. Mario found a key which is suitable for absolutely all of his clients: "I shoot women happy — they look just beautiful".

To 2000, on account of the many advertising Testino works with global brands – from Dolce & Gabbana to Gucci. He photographed almost all the super models of the world level and received the status of the glossy and exclusive. To retire and rest on our laurels honored hinder him not ambition, and... the crisis: "I also Have credits where you have to pay. It is possible that the money runs out even me. There is never enough. I like to spend. I don't think will ever retire".

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  2. I enjoyed reading your article. Don't know how much you had to "cut back", but what is left, is read with interest. Good luck to the author!

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