The glossy end of the year

Life glossy magazines is not in place. Even if the reader almost doesn't notice the changes in your favorite magazine, each new employee, and especially the editor brings something different, fresh and unique. And the new for Russia, but managed to thunder on the world market of journals should not be left without attention from fans of gloss and "sympathizers".

Alya Badanina


For Cosmopolitan , the year began with personnel changes. Elena Vasilieva, who was editor-in-chief since 2005, became responsible for a group of journals produced under the brand name Cosmo. Her place was taken by Alexander Badanin.

Member of the Board of Directors of Sanoma Independent Media Catherine Kabakci moved from the post of publisher to the chief operating officer of Cosmopolitan.

Ceased to exist the magazine "Women's secrets. Children".


In the magazine Elle was the Director of the fashion Department. The position taken by Daria Anichkina, the former senior editor of the fashion Department.

Bauer Media Group has released the new magazine "Women's magic". He covers "women's" topics through the lens of astrology, Feng Shui, Ayurveda, unusual methods of healing and cooking and such unconventional solutions to everyday problems.

The publication is intended for women 25-54 years of age and is published monthly.


The first issue of men's magazine Max. Appointed as an editor Ksenia Sobchak. Promise that he will not only be about "Tits and cars" as its Italian original.

Another novelty from ID Bauer Media magazine "Purely feminine", going on sale every two weeks. Cheap entertainment publication with life stories, interviews with celebrities and tips for readers.


The new chief editor of men's magazine Sharp for Men appointed journalist Karen Ghazaryan.

ID Sanoma Independent Media began another project under the brand name Cosmo — beauty-guide "Star spring". The journal is all about new cosmetics and skin care products, and tips from stars and experts in their use.


ID Condé Nast announced that the post of publisher of magazines GQ and Condé Nast Traveller appointed Irina Elizarova.

Her predecessor Dmitry Kreslavskiy left the publishing house.

Vogue voted the most popular fashion magazine in Russia since the beginning of the year its audience has grown to 797, 2 thousand people (according to the research company TNS Russia).



Summer magazine Elle met with the new owner. The American company, Hearst Corporation bought from the French company Lagardère unlimited license to use this brand.

Closed one of the oldest Russian men's magazines "Bear". The journal was published in 1995.


ID "Edipress-KONLIGA" bought PH "Creative Media" law journals "Lose weight!" and "Prepare!". New owner to change anything in the existing publications are planned.

OOO "Bonnier Publikasies" became the new owner of the magazine "Women's secrets", bought it from the ZAO Creative Media. A popular monthly magazine waiting for rebranding.

The post of chief editor of the magazine Glamour took Maria Fedorova. Occupied this place Alla Belyakova appointed chief editor of the magazine Сondé Nast Traveller.


The journal "Women's Council" changed its name. Since September, he turns into a "household secrets".

Closed the magazine Max, in the press managed to enter only 4 numbers.

Publisher "Around the world" launched the monthly magazine "Science in focus", which will write about the latest achievements of science "human" language.


The newly appointed editor in chief of Glamour Maria Fedorova and new art Director Ekaterina Shapovalova updated log: changed layout, added new sections, increased the share of fashion shots and things. Part of the circulation begin to print in Pad format, identical in size to the popular tablet.

The first issue of the journal Condе Nast Traveller, the launch of which was announced more than a year ago. The publication talks about travel, hotels, best restaurants and seasonal collections, forming the image of a decent holiday.

Another novelty in the Russian market — the magazine INTERNI, the international magazine on design and architecture. It was introduced by ARTCOM Media Group.


Unable to compete, closed the program guide "TV7".

The Director for advertising of the magazine Vogue put Natalia Nikitenko, who held a similar position in Tatler. Her previous place gave Helen Rung.

Dmitry Golubovsky was promoted to editor-in-chief of the magazine Esquire. Former Glavred Philip Bakhtin decided to move away from journalism to pursue other projects.

Edition InStyle started to come out with the app InStyle Man, the trendy glossy magazine for men. As an independent media InStyle Man should appear in early 2013.

On sale new magazine Women's Health from Sanoma Independent Media. Edition combines the classic women's glossy and materials on sport and health. Chief editor Maria Troitskaya.

Magazine Sex and the City has experienced a rebranding. He changed the format, design and name to the SnC.


Magazine Psychologies set a personal record – sale of the August special issue On "sex without taboos" was nearly 50% higher level of sales monthly simple rooms.

The first issue of the Russian magazine Interview Andy Warhol. Guest editor was Naomi Campbell, which will choose interesting people and to publish the author's column.

Went on sale the new entertainment weekly magazine from Bauer Media ID – "finest hour",is addressed to women over 30.

Cute chef Jamie Oliver


At newsstands appeared in journal of popular British chef Jamie Oliver's Jamie Magazine in the Russian language. The first room is dedicated to the preparations for the Christmas feast.

1 Dec released the annual magazine Psychologies Luxe, edition, telling about luxury both material and spiritual.

At the end of the year, the magazine "Hooligan" was headed by new editor – Eugene Fokin.


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