How to get my texts 4 times more?

The beginning of any business usually associated with a lot of doubt: "can — can't" "and if you refuse," "and if it doesn't work"... Even harder when doubt stirs self-doubt.

Read the opinion in writing of the author, who decided to earn more, and he turned at once to increase their fees in four (!) times.

Alexander Black, author of the texts (portfolio):
— I worked on TextSale, and Freelance, but the salary was tiny. And all because I have too long considered myself a beginner and afraid to raise the price (a nightmare at the time, wrote film reviews for 3000 characters and got 1.5$ for the whole article!).
Deciding to slightly improve the skills, began to read the blogs of popular journalists/writers, and one day one of them appeared a message that creates a new web project and it requires the authors of the articles. I immediately squandered the page to line with salary), And, — wow! the authors suggested that in 4-7$ per thousand characters (depending on the quality of the text).
Day two I was making the right letter to the employer, and is portfolio gave links to those reviews that I wrote at$ 0.5 per thousand characters) And I got it))) Soon will be a year from the date) I was sure that the first article will receive a minimum payment rate of 4$ per 1000 char., but Mr.main editor appreciated me right at$6, and now for some articles and for 7$ count)
It I to what is not in doubt — to try! Let your work will be evaluated a knowledgeable person (believe me, it is the editors-that know a lot about in articles), because self-assess yourself is very hard.
If you have not sent a letter to a prospective employer, do so immediately!) You sure are lucky! Good luck!

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