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"Biography" — not a typical gloss. Not here to write about 10 ways to meet and 15 recipes of masks at home. Here and there about a dozen texts in one room. The harder it is to get into it, the better should be the article to have it accepted and published. A graduate of the School of the authors gloss Lena Golovina, whose "Biography" has already published two articles, talks about his work.

Elena Golovina:

— Article about Ariadna Efron is my second publication in the "Gala. Biography". The first text was about the Italian singer Robertino Loreti, and the hero was chosen by the editor in chief of the uploaded synopses.

When the text was adopted in the work, I said, "I wonder whether will have any suggested topics?" To which I replied: "For starters, let's wait for the release of the first text." Because categorical no sound, I actively set to work.

Doubt who will be my next heroine, was not. Ariadna Efron, daughter of Marina Tsvetaeva, with the name of where I grew up and not breaking up today. In high school I read "Memories" Anastasia (sister Marina). This is a great book about 700 pages. About Ariadne — very little podglavica. Somewhere in this time I got the book Mary the Belkin "Collision of destinies", where Ariadne was about a quarter of the narrative.

Before the training, Natasha and I attended a course in journalism at Moscow state University, where one of my texts was about the diaries of little Ali, who first published only in 2014. Of the 20 of my work during training, that Ariadne received the highest rating from teachers. A few months later I came to the training to understand. And of course, one of the prepared synopses for "Biography" was about Ariadne.

At that time I knew about her very much, and books in my home library about her increased considerably. A few years ago, I was in the house Museum in Borisoglebskiy pereulok, the Museum of. Pushkin, which was founded by the grandfather of Ariadne. Completely new sources of information, I "overheard" the lecture by Dmitry Bykov. According to his confession, he loves Ariadne, but the most interesting in his lectures was information from the archives that just do not get. For example, he read excerpts from the memoirs of Ariadne, and that I was not, at first, I found online in audio recordings and only then managed to find the right book. By the way, with the search of books, there have been problems and in libraries, some books have not been republished for 30-40 years. In such a situation I rescued the group in social networks, in which the desired books can be found in scanned form. In some areas of information retrieval was given TV shows and even a feature film about Marina Tsvetaeva, published its 120th anniversary. To the anniversary date was the transmission with the participation of the Museum staff and our artists that have something new drop was added.

Work on this text, in my opinion, not quite significant, because it's my favorite character)) I Have a few favorite characters that I do not leave many years and about which I want to write. If we talk about the article about Robertino, then it was easier — there was less information (it was one book, clippings from Soviet Newspapers, TV shows with his participation, and interviews in the media and memories of him by his friends in their autobiographies).

Work on that and other text took me about two weeks to the day from three to five hours, but despite the fact that I knew the material and presented, where and what I need to "spy".

If the text on Robertino was agreed with the chief editor, the Ariadne I was going blind, the article I was sent only three months later. There was no answer. Three months later I sent him a second time, and again "the silence was my answer." Yes, the text about Ariadne I sent the mail to the chief editor (that I talked to him in the preparation of the first article). Two months later, I wrote the editor. The answer came to me during the day that the article was accepted and will be published. And on the same day I wrote the senior editor is a very good letter, and we immediately agreed on a new topic.

Especially interesting to me was the work with the layout. It comes to us 2-3 months before the release of the magazine and suggest the author to choose the photo captions. As a rule, you should either comment on who and what kind of action depicted in the photo, or to pick up quote. When I wrote the caption to the first article, many of them changed to the photo with Ariadne changed the signature to only one. And the title to the article about Ariadne, too, left me, and the text is 95% mine, without edits. In short, I love working with THIS revision.

Elena Golovina, the author of the journal "Biography"

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