How to become a favorite author of the gloss?

"The man who can't write a letter so that it can be read to the end, can hardly cope with the article".
Olga Sevastyanova, editor of the magazine "cosmopolitan"

What do you think, what the author will order the text? The one who will send "beautiful" summary who ask for the job, promised to do his time and, most importantly, for free (!) or the author who will offer the editorial something a little more specific and fits the format?

In School, the authors of the gloss held a webinar Olga Sevastianova, editor of the popular women's magazine. An hour and a half Olga said:

  • what has changed in the gloss for the last year and what you need to be prepared authors
  • who is the perfect author with which you want to operate,
  • why is the first letter to the editor should be given special attention
  • what are the main mistakes that potential authors
  • some letters just do not need to send
  • what should be the text, so you want to publish
  • how NOT to write for magazines,
  • and who is the "Golden" author!
  • She also spoke in detail about all the intricacies of the genre "Cosmo" and gave advice on how to prepare texts for them.
  • And, of course, shared their experience!

This webinar is well worth a watch to anyone who wants/dreams/plans to start cooperation with glossy magazines!

To get access to the recording of the webinar "How to become a favorite author of the gloss",
email [email protected] an email with the subject "Webinar Olga Sevastianova".

Read reviews about the webinar

Svetlana Zaitseva, the author of magazines:

— Why needed, useful, interesting, important, unusual (delete as applicable) webinar Olga Sevastianova? I have five reasons — and as bequeathed Igor Nikolaev.

1. The speaker.
I came to this lesson to Olga, hoping that it will be possible to learn something from a Pro. The more the invitation was extended by Natalia Zhilyakova (her courses are familiar for a long time and I can say that the information is always clear, helpful, without rastekanie the idea of the tree than suffer the speakers).

Olga was a very interesting conversationalist. Communication has come sincere and honest, she was not suspended by the speaker, and tried to capture the mood of the audience (which was not easy, because on the webinar, the lecturer only sees himself), to understand what is expected of her, patiently answered all questions.

2. Useful skills.
This actually came to class. And got them, although I consider myself a pretty demanding listener. I'm not the first time to attend such lectures, in addition, read a lot of books on their craft. However, Olga was able to give new information, and most importantly — understanding that not too many editors want.

3. A new vision.
The Cosmo editor told honestly what is happening in the world of gloss, what has changed, what are the rules now. For the author, who works remotely, the opportunity to look at the industry from the inside — almost priceless.

4. Visibility.
The lecturer gave not only the scheme of communication with their colleagues, but also made the top mistakes new authors, who stormed the editorial with a detailed analysis of errors. Some have committed herself, when she went to the dream job. And still conquered your Everest. It does not lose hope to others.

5. Inspiration.
The performance characteristics of the immediately after classes: the head is full of important information pages of the Notepad scribbled it. There is an understanding that without work will not remain (if not hopeless), and itching from something to try in practice and to write-to print-to do. And the main thing — competently! Wasn't that the purpose of the mini-training?!

Anastasia vedysheva, pharmacist, author of glossy magazines:

— Natasha and Olga! I want to thank you for this webinar. Olga gave a lot of valuable information. But most importantly, confirmed my assumption that gloss now (serious gloss level "Cosmo") is quite different than it was a few years ago.

The author must write well, be able to find experts to properly assess the time, not to fail of the editor.

About the author of self-esteem is also very important! And about perseverance:)

My path to "Cosmo" continues the road by walking. After the webinar, the going became a little easier. Thank you!

Olesya Garanina, psychologist, author of books, popular portals and magazines on the child-parent theme:

I didn't have a doubt to go or not to go, because Olga will talk about the Cosmo! Of course, to go!

And never regretted. Some information was familiar because I have more than 4 years are published, but something, especially about "cosmopolitan", was a new and very useful.

It is seen that Olga tried to prepare for it, the content was carefully structured and thought out. I am very glad that eve was able to attend this meeting, and be sure to use the tips Oli)


To get access to the recording of the webinar "How to become a favorite author of the gloss",
email [email protected] an email with the subject "Webinar Olga Sevastianova".

You will receive payment instructions from (the entry is 1000 RUB.).
Immediately after confirmation of payment you will be able to watch the webinar
and learn the basic intricacies of cooperation with glossy magazines.

Natalia Zhilyakova,
your expert in the world of glossy magazines

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