Crown room Yana Lepkova

Yana Lepkova was born July 9, 1976 in Murmansk, at school she read a lot and already at the age of 16 in the local newspaper "Komsomolets Zapolyarya", she published her first article.

Yana Lepkova

After school, Ian entered the faculty of journalism, offered his article to the most successful glossy magazine and became a freelance writer for Cosmopolitan. At night she gained her first lyrics on an old typewriter in a rented apartment, which left much of the fees.

Four years later, in 2000, Ian became a full-time correspondent for Cosmo, in honor of this event, Lena Myasnikova gave her a card signed "Yana, welcome to the team! Tomorrow will be more!"

Cooperation with the Cosmopolitan was for Lacovou not just a job – a life full of new experiences, experiments, communication with interesting people and incredible pride of the communion to create a favorite journal. Cosmo showed women that, if you make the effort, you can achieve any goal, you can live a bright and interesting. The girl from Murmansk he proved it by example, so in 2004, Ian became chief editor of the magazine and successfully manages edition with Lena Vasilyeva up to 2006.

After spending two weeks in intensive care with nervous exhaustion, Yana takes the difficult decision to leave Cosmo after 12 years of work. Later she says: "Never be afraid to change something that has become thickened cement a habit!" And stand at the helm of the new Russian edition of the stars magazine OK! Great diligence, talent, Jana and her team helped OK! to achieve success and gain a huge readership. As one of the most enjoyable moments during the work in the journal Lepkova says praise from Yuri Antonov:

— When I was little, my mom on the nightstand stood a picture of him cut out of magazines, the subject of my father's irony and my boundless respect — as, so to please mom!.. And now he calls me to say that I do a decent journal.

After leaving OK! in 2009, choosing one of the three vacancies in the print media, Ian suddenly gets an offer to head the project [email protected] A huge audience of readers the opportunity to develop their journalistic, editorial and managerial skills to work in a slightly different area and gain new knowledge convinced Jan to make a choice in favor of "Lady". With the advent of the project began to change for the better — there are new sections, editorials, personal account, each of the readers, the materials become better and, importantly for the Internet, the credibility of the posted information has increased, and him and the number of users has reached unthinkable for the paper editions of the 5 million people in a week.

And recently, Jan found the house shoes, bought in 1999 for holding Cosmo-research, in which she was supposed to go on stage, men's club, to dance a Striptease and to write about it.

— This material has long been my calling card, my "gig". A few months ago I was in the two hundredth time faithfully reproduced the details of his feat talk-show Lolita. Now I get a call from RBC daily issues with the system "and the truth is that prof-media buys Muz", and I am pleased (though not without romantic sadness) say that Yes, a crown room I have now are quite different.

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5 thoughts on “Crown room Yana Lepkova

  1. In my opinion, a touching story of a provincial Cinderella. It is written intelligently. Never heard of lavmal. Have to tell my wife and daughter, and then at Cosmo, etc., the whole family budget out))

  2. I really like it, I just started reading Cosmo when it was two of the main editor. Cool article, many interesting facts were revealed

  3. Great article! Auto bright and describes the crucial moments in the life of a seemingly ordinary girl who is his qualities: hard work, perseverance and diligence has achieved in life what others can only dream of.
    Reading the article, I think, why can she, and I, for one, no? Looking at Jan, studying her biography, I was once again convinced and understand that all is in our hands! We make our own life! I totally agree with Yana's words about "the stiff habit". Honestly, I was afraid to change something in your life and not being in the best position hold on to it as something "stable". But looking at Ian, and reading these lines I realized that girls have to be bolder! Let us become as successful as she is! Yet she, too, had nothing and now has everything! I decided. Will change I will strive to be like Ian, change jobs, I will work hard and God willing I will succeed in it. Thank you Joanna for such an important life experience and the author of the article for what it is this experience so mentally we have presented.

  4. Great article! Interesting and simply written. Read in one breath!))