The magician turned the rabbit in playboy

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In his 85 he says: "the Rumor to me is not as important as my sexuality!". At official receptions and celebrations, he appears in pajamas and robe, surrounded by beautiful "concubines". And his annual income at the junction of the 20th and 21st centuries amounted to more than $ 100 million. He is, Hugh Hefner, founder and publisher of Playboy magazine.

Hugh Hefner with the symbol of their magazine

Hugh Hefner was born April 9, 1946 in Chicago in a family of direct descendants of Puritan patriarchs of the Church. And as strange as it sounds, but the appearance of the famous erotic magazine the world is obliged to the parents of Hugh Glenn and grace Hefner. Rather strict religious upbringing and the taboos that reigned in their home. Hugh and his brother Keith were not allowed not only to drink and smoke, but also to go to the movies.

The future millionaire was singing in the Church choir and every Sunday attended Church services. This system of education and paved the way for the revolution known in the history of the gloss under the name "Playboy".

"Magazine and today remains a puritanical reaction to my childhood and the hypocrisy that I saw in the world around us", says Hefner.

In 1951 Hugh slammed the door and left forever from the advertising Department of Esquire magazine.

And in 1953 the first issue of "Playboy" came out without a number. The cover of the magazine smiling then unknown Marilyn Monroeand serial number at their first brainchild Hugh is not delivered. He was afraid of failure and was not sure that the first release followed by a second. However, only in the first week it sold about 50 thousand copies. It's gone.

Interest in the "Playboy" continues half a century later. And the symbol of the magazine, Bunny rabbit, known throughout the world and is the emblem of many goods.

Why? Because Hugh Hefner has always been a step ahead of its time and its competitors.

Naked female body, and beside the page philosophical reflections Paul Sartre and the works of Hemingway. Unexpected, isn't it?! "People call it a "sex magazine", completely missing the point. This is a magazine about lifestyle, and a healthy attitude to sexuality and its praise are only part of it", — said Hugh.

Hefner well understood that pure erotica will never take the magazine to the leaders. Namely, the first honorary place wanted Hugh. In different years in the pages of "Playboy" published the works of John Updike, Kurt Vonnegut, Tom Clancy, there is an interview with Kevin spacey, John Travolta, bill gates, Fidel Castro.

By the way, Hugh is himself of high intellectual with boundless creative energy. During tests, IQ Hefner showed 152 points. Almost genius! Well, creativity is the air. Already at the age of 16 he made his first Amateur film horror for beloved. In school, College and army years, Hugh had published comic books, the author of which was himself. Advertising texts and slogans Hefner at the time, graced the Esquire magazine. And at 27 Hefner sent all his talent of the Creator to the creation and development of the Empire "Playboy".

Hugh Hefner used to see surrounded by beautiful girls

"A better life for me than that which I live, I can not imagine", — said Hugh. He believes that life is a celebration. This applies to both business and personal life. Next to Hugh is always beautiful and young girls. There was a time when Hefner lived with seven models. Despite the fact that the millionaire's two marriages, children which continue his father's business, Hefner is considered an inveterate bachelor.

"Life is to live it beautifully, and what I do", Hugh Hefner.

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