Master class on achieving the desired


I have long been concerned with the topic of the achieve the desired.

How to make a wish? How to achieve the execution of the plan? How to understand whether your it, about whether you dream of?



Four years ago, I learned that in most cases the fulfillment of what you want depends on the correct wording. Yes, fulfilled or not, depends on how you will record what you want to.

It sounds implausible? Meanwhile, it is so.

During this time my life has changed dramatically. I will not say big words. If you want to learn one of the ways to achieve the desired — a proven and working method! come on Thursday 8 December at 19.30 on the webinar "translating the goals. From dream to realization".

On the webinar we
* reveal the secret desires that are fulfilled
* learn how to transform wishes into goals
* write a list of their goals
* will practice to work with this list (exercise performance).
And the New year you will have a plan ready to implement what you really want!

Prepare a notebook and pen! Right on the webinar we will record your wishes in a way that will lead them to fulfillment and practice to work with a list of goals.

There are different techniques to achieve the desired. Fits me this. I hope it will work for you.

The webinar is free. This is my gift to everyone who was with me the entire year who helped, supported, watched my achievements.

The record will be.
If you cannot come at this time, sign up, and then I will send you the recording for free.

Before the New year left nothing at all. You probably already begun to choose gifts, try on dresses and to think of what to put on the table except for Olivier. And myself you think? What do you want?

Will find out on 8 December at 19.30 at the webinar "Transformation goals. From dream to realization".

The webinar will be held in the framework of the project "learn to draw before the New Year? Yes!" from the Creative Workshop "follow the dream" (by Natalia Mastukova).

If you want to participate in the webinar or just get it on the record, fill in the form below and on Thursday I'll send you a link to the class.


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4 thoughts on “Master class on achieving the desired

  1. My name is Eugene. For a long time I made wishes, but they, for some weird to me reason it was not fulfilled. And I could not understand why. It turned out that I made the mistake of incorrectly formulated desire. And in the webinar, I also learned that you need not formulate a desire, and that is the goal! In total, just over an hour, I received comprehensive information with examples of correct actions. Besides Natalia offers and special exercises to tune into the right wave.
    Thank you very much! Just before the New year will have time to formulate goals for 2012.
    Sincerely, Eugene

  2. Listened to Your webinar. You just told me all I needed to know. I loved Your voice, warm and sincere. Liked what You were telling examples from Your life. Thank You.