My magical journey to Germany

This August I had the longest holiday for the last 9 years! I rested a month (!), three weeks of which we stayed in Germany, my beloved sister.You know, pictures and impressions will be a lot)))

Wiesbaden has prepared for us wonderful weather:

The Central square of Wiesbaden

And this house stands opposite the town hall. What do you think interested the artist, when he adorned that wall?

In August the wine festival is held, and by evening the area is transformed: exhibited tents, tables, benches, roasting meat and, of course, brought the barrels of wine.

Wine sold in glasses (plastic cups?! it's a waste and ugly!), which take on two euros. Drink, returned the glass, get the coin back.
By the way, I have not seen a single heavily drunk Lord (for me it was strange, because the wine was so good and strong))

Maxim didn't have problems, what kind of ice cream to choose. Always match the color of the shirt.

The word Wiesbaden can be translated as "meadow baths".
The console
bad and the suffix -Baden- in Germany added to cities, which has the status of the resort. In Wiesbaden — hot (26) and several cold springs.

But tourists are not so lucky as those traveling to Baden-Baden. A friend of my sister's friends met there in the city baths Maxim Galkin:))

And this is the Kurhaus. Like the house of culture. In this Theatre of Opera and ballet, a free toilet and a famous casino, where he played (and lost!) Fyodor Mikhailovich Dostoevsky. Guides say that this casino Dostoevsky lose so that after described the situation in the novel "Player".

As a man who sacrificed three years of his life working in the "underground", I could not pass by this institution))

This is not a casino, and a hall for celebrations.

Men in shirts, ties and jackets definitely (forgetful give on rent for 4 euros), the ladies are allowed to come in open shoes. Clothing it is advisable to strict.

In fact, the entrance. Look forward to a visit from 14.00 to 4.00, poker from 7.5 euros, roulette 2, blackjack 10.

This phone is three times older than me, but it works great!

Maxim asked if he could walk on the grass near the casino.
— Hardly, son, you can go to such neat lawn, — said the modest mom...

...and saw this:

Um... I Guess, son, you can walk across the lawn. I think you can even do more than just walk...

The rule of life here is very simple: do what you want, but take away the dog.

Will show some more parks.

Why do you think this is such an old Park bench?

Decrepit. Before there was a cemetery, but then it "converted" to the Park. The shop has remained since that time. I want to believe that swing set in the empty places))

On this site Maxim was chosen by the rook dragon.
Pay no attention to the scared face. He climbed on it voluntarily))

More pictures from children's gorobchuk.

I have not walked so much as in Germany. In Wiesbaden a lot of roads with one-way traffic, so faster walk for 15-20 minutes than go to this place in half an hour.

I even understand that Germany is very easy to be thin: buns and transport — things are not cheap. Pastries 25 — 40 rbl., the bus to the city 100. And why, say, go for a hundred if you can walk free and faster? Yes, even on such a beautiful place...

House through one begged to stick my camera, so I turned the volume folder "Houses". A couple will show, and if you are one of those who in his childhood dreamed of becoming an architect likes to look at buildings, look in the album. (link will appear after the end of the contest)

But the unusual decoration of the fence.
Unfortunately, my level of German does not allow to identify the written word. Hopefully decent))

In Wiesbaden in names often include the word "Adler". However, it is not surprising, because Wiesbaden and Adler — twin cities.

Bet you can't guess what it is?

Church? The Museum? Okay, I won't burden you)) This is a school. The normal German school. Here's another view with a piece of Playground:

Tired of looking? Let's eat! Somehow we had dinner at an Italian restaurant. Stylish, of course, but I felt a loader on the supply that pounds cured fish hastily put together on a box... On the box, in fact, we and covered.

In Wiesbaden there are two beautiful places: castle Biebrich on one end of the city and mount Neroberg — on the opposite. In 1844 the Duke of Nassau, married to Grand Duchess Elizabeth Mikhailovna (daughter of Grand Duke Mikhail Pavlovich). But a year later the young wife died in childbirth. The Duke was so shocked that was built in honor of the wife of the Russian Church — its dome visible from Bibija, which is on the other side of town.

Summer theatre is also located on Neroberg. Unfortunately, I did not understand why this place is called the theatre and who here is))

And this place, I think the magic in Germany, and in my life (Yes, I was not yet in Greece). Here especially there is Time.

In the beginning of our era (77 ad — the first mention) the Romans already knew about the hot springs future of Wiesbaden. So it is possible that this amphitheatre, about two thousand years or more.

By the way, to the mountain we stopped at the "water" boat. I will not undertake to explain, due to which they are moving))) by simple two-bus pull each other, moving simultaneously and grinding under a water.

Two days we stayed with friends in bad-Balaclava (also a resort town).

And this is the typical German village:

The view from the window of the house in which we lived:

At night we admired the Milky way. And he was beautiful... (largely because of him in my dreams burst like a cute house in German village, 90 — 200 thousand Euro for reference).

After a bad Balaclava drove to Marburg. I already wrote that this city is each time amazes and fascinates me. See for yourself:

Houses as a toy))

Central square (Yes, that little). Under the left blue umbrella we ate incredibly delicious chanterelles.

Marburg is situated on the hills, very steep hills, and right in town is... the Elevator. Yes, the center can be reached on foot, but you can take off for a couple of seconds.

The view from the top:

And another shot from Marburg — house with giant dragonflies:

And in Germany, I:

* Visited the Institute, where he studied Lomonosov (and my sister)))

* Climbed into a lake with red koi. Carp asked "number"))

* Found a four-leaf clover!

* My child was stuffed in a trash can! (me as a mother's reassuring that it was up to clover).

* Saw the end (base?) rainbow
— a tree growing through the bench
— a squirrel crossing one of the Central streets of the city,
— the tractor company "Lamborghini",
— old man, who rode on the boat with his black shaggy dog.

* Went on a double-Decker train.

* Rode the train through the streets of Wiesbaden.

* Fell with the bike...( despite the clover.

* "Mastered" the hanging bridge.

* Climbed a tree. Yes, in the trunk. Like a squirrel))

In General, happened to me many miracles))

Family photo on the memory:

And go home!!!


As you can see, during my holiday happened to me many magical things, I learned new facts, visited incredible places, and all I told. But in one place I slukavil))

Find my report what is not, was not or could not be and Express your option in the comments.

Who first correctly answer (guess, guess), get on your phone 500 rubles. The desire to win will be available on the Yandex-a purse.

Good luck and care!
Natalia Zhilyakova

Oh, how quickly you got me)))

Of course, Adler and Wiesbaden are not twin cities. Adler did not the city))
(and I was hoping that you wouldn't believe about the clover or the milky way...)

The first one who correctly pointed out the inaccuracy was Anastasia Khudyakova.
Nastya, congratulations on your victory!

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45 thoughts on “My magical journey to Germany

  1. In principle, everything is possible... But on the double-Decker train I ever heard.

    • Hope your version was adopted, but... after the contest I'll post pictures of that will be confirmed by the facts. Including double-Decker train!)))

  2. I doubt Wiesbaden and Adler – twin cities. Adler in German — "eagle"

    • Anastasia, you are absolutely right!
      Congratulations on the victory!

      • Natalia, thank you very much for the interesting contest! Your prize has just got very, very, very nice 🙂
        In a fit of passion has not expressed his admiration about the photos in General: amazing! Waiting for more pictures especially buildings.
        Thank you!

  3. cool report, thanks! wanted downright to go there)) And just "Wiesbaden and Adler – twin cities"?

      • Is it in the twin cities take only those, who level the same?))

  4. I can not judge about the sights of Germany, but, in my opinion, the rainbow has no ends, no reason not))

      • I do not know. I think if we talk about the rainbow in a fairytale way, as a place where trolls keep their pots of gold, Yes — the ends, bases)) And if as atmospheric phenomenon — it is unlikely that one can observe its beginning and the end of the earth.

          • But, I don't know then)) Even most it became interesting, I'll go and pulled a familiar teacher of physics))

            • Will post photo in a separate post, back to the discussion about end-start))

  5. Adler and Wiesbaden is not the twin cities))) Adler German for "eagle" if I'm not mistaken)))

    • translated as "eagle", you remember correctly.

  6. From Wiesbaden there is a list of sister cities.
    Fondettes (France)
    Ghent (Belgium)
    Kefar Sava (Israel)
    Klagenfurt (Austria)
    Ljubljana (Slovenia)
    Montreux (Switzerland)
    Ocotal (Nicaragua)
    San Sebastian (Spain)
    Royal Tunbridge Wells (United Kingdom)
    Wroclaw (Poland)
    As we can see Russian cities in it, but it may appear, if we vote))))
    And Adler in German means "eagle," and in the names of hotels or restaurants that proud bird often remember. By the way, in the beginning of XX century in Germany (though, in Frankfurt-on-main, if I'm not mistaken) was a car factory Adler, but it completely bombed in 1945.

  7. Adler is not a city, and the Adler district of Sochi:) and sister city of Sochi is Baden — Baden.

    • Eugene, it's reassuring that the container was for papers. Tomorrow I will post pictures.

    • Oh, I thought it was quite clear that was a joke))

    • But the fact is that this can not be)))) and of course,I joke)))in General, in Marburg there is no Elevator....

      • In Marburg there is an Elevator and I went up and down repeatedly.

      • Marburg is the city of stairs)))and many streets...well, probably, I was not there:)

        • There are stairs, streets also abound, and the Elevator looks like a standard Cabinet, inside two buttons "up" and "down".

          • Oh to visit there, well, all the latest version and give up, Belle Epoque is not like the casino, and the theater.

            • Christina, the correct answer listed in the end of the post. Already guessed (very fast) and even a prize already obtained.
              Casino there (played it myself))

  8. May repeat, but I'm not sure Adler and Wiesbaden will take you to twin cities!
    Natalia, thanks for the interesting report! It was exciting to read as to look at the pictures! Never been to Germany, and now wanted))))

    • Marion, about the city right. It was "inaccurate".
      Tomorrow will be another portion of the photo.

  9. late.... but still had not guessed. I was thinking a tree (like a squirrel)))))))))))))

    • Sitting in the tree was funny)) Tomorrow the pictures will be too.

  10. very beautiful pictures, it is clear that you have a good time. I wonder just did not get tired if son so much walking and so much new information to(probably had ice cream to buy...)

    • Natalia, unbelievably tired. Therefore, it was necessary to return to stroller)) once planted, immediately became agree to go where they go, and stop being naughty. A mother has come happiness)))