Can I steal the idea of the article?

Is it possible to "steal" the idea? Is it safe to send to the editor your ideas? What if the idea is still stolen?

These issues are of concern to many authors. In journalistic forums and then there are comments like:

Future authors share horror stories: once they sent three ideas to the editor, and — Oh, horror! — a month later found his subject in the next room.

Some get disappointed and cease anything at all to think of others hope that their "masterpiece" about zakladow friend is the most original thing to which it is impossible to guess.

Aside authors who already have publishing. They can be divided into two groups. Some comfort themselves that at least their ideas and get others "unworthy", his name on a glossy page of your favorite magazine they saw. The second category (rare, I think) just Knows.

Knows that other people's ideas are so uselessthat not even worth the bother if suddenly buy a glossy magazine and see your idea. They understand that the idea is just a thought that could come to mind at the same time five hundred potential authors. And the more minds visits the idea, the faster it will appear on the pages of gloss.

Early in his career in glossy journalism, I was sure that Cosmo stole my idea about men householders. Sent the synopsis, and in two rooms you see, young daddy tell you that he has decided to stay at home while wives go to work. Naturally, I was upset. And not only because the text was not written by me. I was afraid to be disappointed in your favorite magazine.
Had the audacity and asked the editor, what's the matter. Delicate Tanya Ezhov explained that I proposed to consider the phenomenon as such, but another author — that is to collect stories. But more than that — when I sent the synopsis, other text has already been written and even edited! Magazine something ready in a few months.


I won't claim that all revisions honest, as sellers, seller discounts. So I would very much like to know your opinion. You personally experienced withdrawal ideas? What do you think about this? What advice would you give to authors who thinkthat their idea was stolen? Is it possible to somehow protect themselves from such?

Let's discuss!
In the next post I'll share my thoughts on the subject, what if the idea is still taken away.
Natalia Zhilyakova, School authors gloss

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18 thoughts on “Can I steal the idea of the article?

  1. Well, if a VERY FORMAL approach, acquaintances, lawyers are advised to send myself a letter (regular mail, not email) with ideas. To stamp stood when sent), they Say, in court if that is possible will be "stamped" to prove you first thought.
    But I think that's worth doing if you're the bearer of some really exclusive knowledge, I don't know how to prove that the theme of "Sleeping with the ex" came to mind only you)

    And yeah, ideas in the air, we won with the Americans still can not solve, who invented the radio, nothing.

    • An ' about this method heard, but I think it is more suitable for books or some more serious projects than ideas for articles.
      And the court-then sure no one will go, although it would be fun to create a precedent)))

  2. I am faced, rather, with the opposite phenomenon. The magazine for which I write periodically, suggested the theme. In the course of editorial discussions it changed well, just the same dramatically. Moreover, almost all of the text for this modified theme wrote itself editor. I had 2-3 units Yes comments real people. However, the material was signed my name and paid in full.
    Admit that played a role the fact that the magazine is big and with a reputation, and have been working together for more than one day. The newcomers and the ideas are more anxious and revisions to trust until there was not, hence the experience.
    What can you advise. Even if you, contrary to the arguments firmly believe that the idea you have taken — you have three things to rejoice.
    First, the idea was cool, for stuff to steal will not))
    Second, you have a chance to get something like the master class: you will see how your idea reveal the authors of the chosen publications. In what way, in what style.And can compare it with how were going to cover the topic yourself. Priceless, I think the experience, if you ' ve aimed to write for this magazine.
    And thirdly, the experience of a free. After using not your article in which you have invested time-hand-nerves. But only the idea. The more that 99.9%, which is the idea that you have proposed and developed by someone else.

    • Natasha, well said! Okay if I have them in my tomorrow's post will include (with attribution, of Estes))) I other people's ideas is not necessary))

      • Doubt the existence of "foreign" ideas at all, or rather, I don't have any. The idea in essence is definitely available and free from belonging to someone — what else is the idea. It would wish to implement it — it will be not against...

    • Absolutely true opinion and thoughts on creativity in General and in particular. If you want to do and not to do, you need it "giving" — back with "the Trinity", and besides, anything can and will learn. Sincerely yours, Victor.

  3. I have on this account has his own theory. She says: the more ideas you give to the world, the more new and even more brilliant is returned to you. So do not bother and even when I feel some congestion, just to give away to them.
    And the coolest always pay and ask for.
    Therefore my advice is to sow and you will be rewarded.

    • Oh, Elena, good job! Totally agree! But the right and left to give their "intellectual property" is also not necessary! Need yourself to know price.

    • Elena, I confirmed your theory to your practice! The more ideas are distributed at the consultations, the more I have)).

      • I agree, absolutely, it's the law. The idea is the seed, giving the seedlings and the harvest. Sincerely, Victor, good for You.

  4. Steal , Natalia, everywhere - wherever possible . I , of course, the article in the gloss wrote . Although it is a dream just to tell a little about his life . can Kama-that will be interesting . But how to reach the customer I don't know

    • Where such conviction that the gloss is a steal, if you never even wrote?

  5. The idea of "steal", it is possible to realize, hear, see even feel. You can, of course, to generate her own favorite and create from a source ; a tree, a forest, even from the most insignificant little idea But I think if someone is faced with someone's implementation of a similar idea, would suggest to this person to think about why he to this day has not done what other have already created. Unproductive, and harmful appositive "pout" on anyone and anything. He try, if you have something to translate, not to share, not to think out loud anywhere, with anyone. Let the idea of "hope" will grow and "push" to ... "broke through" in the text. To bring " my "idea to" suicide " implementation. And not to turn his head around and "notice" that " dared insolent ". Just be honest, you need to ask yourself about why I didn't kill the idea...

    • What is powerful you have a comparison... Hooked.

      • Thank You, Natalia. When you write something uninteresting bare information, sort of a Bulletin Board. I want the reader to feel the content of the article and the author's attitude. To help "see" is described... Natalia, not harsh do I write? Or Vice versa — the contrast between "gloss" and "burst" is appropriate, in General...? Yes, there are all sorts of "murder"...

        • "Murder" and "gloss" — two things, of course, not a joint. But we're talking about themes or style?