Serious about serious

Aref'eva Yana, the participant of the contest "My favorite magazine".

Saying that someone else's soul — darkness. But if this is the "alien soul" will be male, it would be more like impenetrable gloom. And I'm afraid of the dark — anything good from it do not wait.

Look here, come up with outlines beautiful, just when you think you saw, but no — again stumbled upon the rake or stepped in a puddle.

Trying to understand a man's world. feel it. So, if you are destined to be born a girl, then your fate, at least from time to time tormented by the question — what actually made these with our boys?

This child was enough of an answer about the ruler, batteries, freckles and firecrackers. Adult girl is not so easy to spend, and questions about men's life-being only increase the snowball effect and settle a heavy burden in a vulnerable woman's heart.

All these questions can not every representative of the stronger sex, only the most talkative. And to explain them as poets, familiar on paper. So they do it as their vocation and main income. Therefore, to seek out those who will gladly tell all the male secrets you need to men's magazines — this is the conclusion I came to during my first year of University when first discovered humorous male perspective on women's world called Men's Health.

He opened all blatant, sometimes the harsh truth about the male universe: what girls really like them and how to decipher a secret language of their eternal excuse. Then I learned that they hate us a thousand and one is our habit; they are really sounding the alarm from the fact that women, in their opinion "conquered the world"; consider us dangerous, illogical and generally poorly understood creatures, and at the same time, I really want us to like you.

To read men's magazines is like listening in on a conversation between friends older brother: a little ashamed, but very interesting. Even serious topics, they manage to discuss with humor. So every month you kind of care about are favorite for fresh pastries and, casually, on the way to buy him the latest press. And at home all the hot knead the bread myself (for the last time, of course) for the new reading rooms of Men's Health. And he again just smiles, without loaves and the magazine, and secretly writes a new fad in the list of "100 women of the weird".

Conditions of participation and rules of the contest "My favorite magazine" can be read here.

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2 thoughts on “Frivolous about the serious

  1. Oh, and I do not envy the jury of the competition! ) Each new text seems best. ))
    As men's satin and I love her. )) However, publicly to admit it is not resolved. )

  2. Ian nodded approvingly after each, write the lines and smiled. Well said!
    And the comment about Elena humor — straight to the point! Yes, to pay great attention to the technique, it's somehow very masculine)