New year's resolutions of the author of the gloss

Very soon will begin the countdown of the new year 2014. Under the chiming clock we will make a wish, but isn't it better at this moment to give yourself the most solemn promises, which are closer to the cherished goal? What? Aspiring author of the gloss will definitely promise to myself: do not eat after 19-00, get up early, to do fasting days, morning exercises and...

To write it all down. Well, it is all optional, but what about the profession – it is necessary. Ideas, articles, synopses, catchy phrases and shaped the headlines. Be ready! Romantic girl's diary under the pillow is not enough – the idea may come not only before bedtime. You can use the recorder or make brief notes in the smartphone.

Any method is good if it helps keep the thought came suddenly. Remember: if you're not recording, you lose almost half of their ideas.

Use reference images. Don't be afraid of other people's ideas! They need to be inspired. Someone's collecting hand-made candles, and you collect what inspires you: magazine clippings, articles, pictures, photos. Make a Board at home on the wall, or in networks Pinterest and Instagram. Do not postpone it for later. Saw an interesting fact or adorable photos are brought immediately to your collection.

These selections will inspire and help when you get stuck.

To make a portfolio. As a rule, is generally not enough time. But in the New year everything will be different. We just need quiet and time to gather all that work.

In the case to give a link to portfolio website is much more professional than to send a long list of articles with lots of links to different resources.

To find friends, just like you, beginners glossy journalists. Many freelancers quickly disappointed in the free life and get a job. But the freelancer does not need a new head, and communication and support. Someone needs to say, "you Know, you're doing it right!".

Find friends who are close to the problem of free journalists, keep them, and they will support you.

And again, to find friends, I mean friends. But not beginners and already working, and perhaps even famous journalists. It could be someone's Facebook page. Sometimes it's fun to cook in a professional environment with high journalists and something new to learn, and simple to be infected by the energy of another person.

To implement this plan. The synopsis, which is like, make it happen. Without any orders. So when will come the coveted letter from the editor with tight deadlines, to be in shape. Do not forget that professional shape as the body, should be supported. And not only synopses, but really written articles.

Don't get caught in the trap of endless synapses. It's only when coming up with topics and headlines, and as soon as you need to write a concrete material, the problem starts with the syllable, rhythm and style.

Write every day at least... Remember the sacred words: "No day without a line". Dontsova writes 30 pages per day, and Bulls – 20... Someone is planning to write every day at least 1 treatment or 1 page of text... What is the result? The terrible fatigue and even some anger. There is, perhaps, the principle needs to be changed. Every day, open up your Notepad and revised entries in the following references. Charge and remember about their plans. Not necessarily every day to write something new – can edit previously written, honing syllable.

No heavy deeds and fulfillment of promises! But the daily involvement definitely helps.

To call the editor! Yes, Yes, we live in the age of the Internet, email and virtual communication. But! Editor – absolutely live person, and make a decision not only with your mind but with your heart, sometimes emotions, even instincts. And until you heard his voice, he's an inanimate object, like all the people working in the office. Anyway, a real call to a real person can give a good incentive. Some editors will tell you on the phone that never explain in a formal letter.

Try in the New year at least once to call the editor, you'll see that something will change in your work.

To look for new ways. What's the advice economists in times of crisis? Don't put all your eggs in one basket. Similarly, do not get hung up on one or Cosmo Mini, consider options with other publications. There are also Newspapers, Internet magazines, radio and TV.

Learn, learn, learn. Promise that this year you take at least one master class in the profession. May also be useful lessons or courses in any field that interests you, whether it's graphic design or psychological training.

And more! It is believed that we implement only 8% of new year's resolutions. Probably, it is necessary to promise yourself one more small thing: carry at least half of the plan.

I wonder what you promise yourself in the New year?

Julia Gnedin for School authors gloss

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