New year webinar with the editor of the magazine "cosmopolitan"

Creative, successful, cute, creative writers gloss, happy holidays!

To cheer you up, energize and give necessary and useful information BEFORE the New year, School authors gloss is organizing a special webinar!

29 December at 20.00 GMT. for the first time for you by the editor of "Cosmo" (Yes! that very magazine!) Olga Sevastyanova.

Olga has been a journalist since the age of 14. Started, like many regional Newspapers wanted to publish in glossy magazines, but did not develop.

Later, when I was in graduate school "media Management" at the Higher School of Economics, got a job as a editor at a trade magazine Fashion Report. Six months later he became chief editor of the magazine Shoes Report, but still regularly responded to jobs in your favorite women's magazines.

Letters remained unanswered.

In the spring of 2014 took over more active: tracked down the editor of Cosmo in Facebook. Sent him mail threads and finally got the first task.

After a few months of cooperation as an author came in for an interview and soon joined the magazine team as editor.

Olga says that the talented and the Executive sponsors are needed everywhere and always, and everyone has a chance!

On the webinar you will learn

  • what should be your writing, not to be left without a response,
  • as the requirements have been changed to the glossy texts lately
  • some letters just do not need to send
  • what should be the text, so you want to publish
  • how NOT to write for magazines,
  • and how to become an author, which will order articles again and again.
    Olga will talk about the main genres of Cosmo and how to prepare the texts for them.
    And, of course, will share their experience!

Want to learn what you need to do to get to the popular women's glossy magazines?
Come to the webinar Olga Sevastianova!

And now the details:

  • The webinar will be held on 29 December from 20.00 to 21.30 GMT.
  • The webinar will consist of two parts: theory and practice.
  • Olga will tell you what you need to do to get into glossy magazines, and then the examples will show how this can be done.
  • Plus bulk set of questions and answers.

Surely you have something to ask the editor of the famous gloss))

During the webinar there will be two:

1. Listener

You come to the webinar, ask Olga any questions and after you get access to the recording.

The cost of participation is 500 rubles.

The free space is.

2. Practices

In the webinar, everyone will get a job from Olga, but those who are written in the group "Practices", the editor will inspect the job personally, and each will write a recommendation for further development. It would be personal advice: someone's ideas, someone's in style, etc.

The participation fee is 2500 RUB.

The number of beds is 5 (1).

How to sign up for the webinar?

  1. Select the option that suits you best.
  2. Write an email [email protected] and specify your version.
  3. Confirm your participation.
  4. 29 December, wait for the link to the live broadcast!
The record will be!
For the participants of the webinar free of charge, for the rest it will cost $ 1000.

So, if you can't even be online this evening, pre-register for the webinar at two times cheaper than buying it later.

Waiting for your applications!

See you at the webinar!

Natalia Zhilyakova,
School authors gloss

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