I read the American cosmo-girl?

Why do scientists advises eating popcorn? How to make up with "amnesia"? How to establish business relationships and what kind of sex men think is the best? Under the heading "Review of Western gloss" parse the February issue of American Cosmo.

The last fourteen years of American Cosmo directs Kate white, which once began his career as an assistant editor of Glamour magazine.
Onbloke the February Cosmopolitan – Dakota fanning, familiar to many for her role as Jane in the movie “Twilight”. In the past 2011, the magazine gave the actress her the main award of the “Fun, fearless, female” – “the insignia” for celebrities that most closely match the image of the “Cosmo girl”.

Dakota shares that, despite the tight production schedule, lead a “normal” life, she meets her “famous” friends, and in the fall enrolled in the first course at new York University.


In an article for the rubric “Beauty” experts say: every month, your tresses should grow a little more than an inch. So why is this not happening?

Answer honestly the three questions: how often do you use flat irons, Curling irons or a Hairdryer? Wash your hair dry shampoo? You are under stress? If your answers are three confident "no", reasons must be sought in genetics, diet or medications you are taking.

Section "Love" opens with the article "get closer after a fight". Had a fight with your beloved? Choosing the right tactics of reconciliation, you can only strengthen your relationship! Depending on their behavior after the conflict, the men are divided into three categories: "Zombie" withdraws into himself and not talking to anyone, the thinker loves to discuss the causes and consequences, and the "amnesia victim" pretends that nothing happened.

To make peace with zombies give him time to cool down, at the same time demonstrating that you are ready to conclude a peace Treaty. "Thinker" you need to distract: make together something fun. But if you have a fight with the "amnesia victim", and for a serious reason, it is important to clarify, when you still calmly discuss the issue.

Faster reconciliation will help head massage for a loved one. You touch his body will begin the production of oxytocin, the hormone responsible for the favorable perception of others. After a quarrel, it is useful to eat popcorn: carbohydrates contribute to the formation of ”substances of happiness” serotonin, which will soften the raging adrenaline in you storm.

In the category of “you you You” – the article “25 things for little girls, which is worth remembering”. To be adult and responsible, of course, important, but to throw childish not necessarily!

Remember what did you wanna be when you grow up, and follow your dreams. Feel free to sleep during the day – there is nothing wrong with that little girls get tired. Arrange a picnic in front of the TV, don't knock yourself, say “I love you” to mom and... be happier!


Especially for Cosmopolitan co-host the morning show on channel MSNBC Mika Brezinski talks about the establishment of business relations. If the sister of the husband of a neighbor works at a company of your dreams, it is not necessary when meeting with her to list all your achievements and goals. Better find something in common between you: maybe after seeing her page on the social network, you discovered that you were in the same University?

The vast majority of "useful contacts" fastened not at work: just these people together, played Golf or went to a club to party. If your name is on the event outside of the office – go without hesitation.

Under the heading “Need to know” the former Prosecutor of new York Linda Fairstein tells which actions bring the girls into the hands of the aggressor. Linda advises never to leave friends at a noisy party, not to go alone after a public quarrel with a young man, and when faced directly with the offender, resist and scream until there is at least some chance to be heard by other people.

In the section “Passion” men reminisce about the best sex in my life.

Someone can't forget about love blindfolded and someone- the moment when the girl put on a bright wig and spoke with a foreign accent. Fun fact: almost every hero of the article the best sex included the initiative on the women's side.




Anna Demidova for the"school of authors gloss"


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