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The main course of our School is undoubtedly training "the author of the gloss". It lasts 10 weeks and includes full details for glossy journalism. Deciding to enroll in such a long learning can be difficult. Read the review participants of the training "the author of the gloss" Alla of Zaginailo that has been studying in this training:

— All presented in an accessible, understandable and interesting way. If in the first week I didn't know how to approach the search, however, now the ideas are born in my head. Want to know how to apply them in the right form.

Thanks to the webinars and tutorials I could look at the logs on the other side. While I understood only two. But what a joy it was when I one day opened the "Cosmo-psychology" and literally see its structure. And I'm every day it was opened and never noticed this.

Seeing the structure, it became easier for me to decide on themes and ideas that are worth developing, worth send.

Handle underline phrases that coincide with my thoughts and take note. The first time was upset when in my head I had the idea and bought the magazine, saw that this has already been written. Listening to you, understand what it means to go right, but you have to look from a different angle or from the other side.

Important to have a personal Skype consultation. To write the synopsis for me was the biggest difficulty. It seems everything I read, watched, studied comments to other works, but understanding came to me only after a personal meeting via Skype.

Still I noticed that I began to listen to what journalists say on TV, highlighting interesting phrases and comparisons, turns of phrase. This, of course, has nothing to do with the gloss, but it started to happen exactly with the beginning of the training.

I prefer video tutorials because they are less time. After watching a video tutorial, creates a sense of completeness. But in any case, do not reduce the role of webinars (just can't always watch from beginning to end without being distracted by a child or do not always have such a great length of time). While watching webinars, doing notes, notes, record their newly-found ideas, I try to fully immerse yourself in the process.

The training is particularly valuable on the subject of "glossy journalism" can read, watch and listen. Involve all communication channels. But most importantly, we need to take and do, everything you say, then the result will be. And this is a huge plus: it is an experience that will stay with me, it's priceless.

I almost forgot, I want to note how thoroughly and carefully you have examined my synopsis.

You are a marvelous teacher! Development and success!

Alla Zaginailo, psychologist,
seminar participant "the author of the gloss"

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