Selection of boring books about journalism

A vast array of professional literature on journalism, we have selected books that are worth reading for an aspiring writer gloss. This selection will allow you to learn a little more about the journalist in General, the features of the writing of journalistic texts and the specifics of the work in periodicals.

For convenience, the entire list of books we broke into thematic groups. The first group is the book with the title "Theory of journalism".

The theory of journalism. Collected here are not boring textbooks, and original works written by journalists. Some of them are more like philosophical reflections about the profession, others are a great benefits that includes a lot of practical examples and assignments.

1) Alexander Kolesnichenko, "Applied journalism"

This study guide for students and working journalists. From the book, you will learn how to search for a topic, gather information, write and edit how to plan the content of publications, how to build a career in the media and to lead the revision.

The first half of the book is devoted to the analysis of genres of journalism, the second – aspects of writing: the headline, the lead, the ending, etc.

2) Leonid Bershidsky "Craft"

This is not a set of rules and not a textbook. This book is a meditation practitioner, a journalist, about journalism, flavored with examples and comments. Read "the Craft" is easy and fun, and not only journalists.

3) Olga Solomatina "Writing is easy. How to write lyrics, not waiting for inspiration"

A small book on how to start a text: the plan, the genre, the search for information. What are the problems when searching for information faced by the author, as they can be solved. After each Chapter the reader waiting for practical exercise – job-training. Overall, the newcomer will be interesting and instructive. Bonus – the app where concisely laid out the basic rules for writing number of words, dates, numbers, religious terminology, geographical names, words related to military subjects, and writing uppercase and lowercase letters etc. Also are the rules regarding punctuation.

4) Valery Agranovsky "Second oldest. A conversation about journalism," or "for the Sake of a single word. A journalist on journalism"

They are two names for the same book. As expressed in the Preface, the author, this book is about the "kitchen" of the journalist, technology his work. The feature of the book – theory, sets out specific examples of publications.

5) Dmitry Sokolov-Mitrich "Real reporter: why we do not teach journalism?"

Excellent guide for aspiring journalists. In the beginning we read: "it is Impossible to learn professionalism. But we can tell you how to achieve it yourself". In fact, it was the whole book. The author shares her experience and professional considerations.

6) Ilya Stogov "Tabloid: a textbook yellow journalism"

Another book about the cuisine of journalism. The feature of "Tabloid" – style and the style of the author. Casually cynical, but on the other hand, truthfully, he reveals the ins and outs of modern journalism.

7) Matthew Y. Ganapolsky "sweet and Sour journalism"

Another boring textbook on journalism. Will help to form a General idea about the profession, but will not add practical knowledge and skills.

8) Tom Wolfe "New journalism and the anthology the new journalism"

The book is about one of the stages of development of journalism. In the early 1960s began to emerge a new format: newspaper and magazine articles began to write like novels. The book is filled with information about the journalists of the second half of the XX century, printed editions of that time, examples of publications.

9) Viktor Shklovsky: "the Technique of creative writing"

The book is written in the early twentieth century, but in her clear and interesting way presents the basic principles of the writing craft. One Chapter is devoted to journalistic work, and others – the work of writer, poet.

Other thematic groups, the full list and archive of books, see the knowledge Base.

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7 thoughts on “the boring Selection of books about journalism

  1. Very useful information! Thank you very much!!
    I have a book by Alexander Kolesnichenko, "Handbook of journalist". The table of contents is very similar to its "Applied journalism". Two different books or maybe a different name?
    PS And for the database need password? Shows no access

    • Lada, good day!
      "Applied journalism" — a manual that, according to the author, was leaked online even before printed books. In 2008, this book (in paper) have appeared under the title "Practical journalism".
      Then came the "Handbook of the journalist".
      Do they differ in content, can't tell, because the second was not a page-Turner.

    • Lada, knowledge Base is a separate service of our School. There need a separate access.