A portfolio for a journalist — the need or...?

How to contact the editorial office if there is no portfolio? And why do you need it?

Let us first discuss why you need a portfolio. It is clear that this is an opportunity to make your experience a good look, but it is also a tool that can give some authors a reactive confidence. At times, it is this inner confidence is the main success factor.

So, portfolio

  • demonstrates to a potential editor and others your creativity,
  • shows the competence and versatility of the author (he knows how to communicate with editors and collaborate with different publications)
  • gives self-confidence (I was already published!),
  • the opportunity to prove the mother, etc that you don't just "surf the Internet", and do useful work.

Also, the portfolio is a proof of correctness of the chosen path.

The perfect portfolio for a journalistpublishing in related journals. But this is not always a prerequisite. Often editors just look at your style.

Texts sent in word, are not credible. Triggers – if there is no published in journals or on websites of texts, so the author of the novice or, worse yet, unclaimed. Immediately say, that there can be exceptions – when the editor of the American Cosmo open letter to the Russian girls, translate Google translator the text sent in Word, and inspired, order the Central reversal.

It can be. But we're not talking about fairy tales, but about reality – when you have finished the first letter with the selection of synopses, but you do not send the information because it show you have nothing more.

New authors are often concerned with the question – how to contact editors, if not posted no text, a portfolio is not filled and surprise he can develop that ideas. Answer is always the same – not to dwell on this attention!

Just don't write anything. Send ideas, and about the publication of don't say.

Options of treatment in the editor

  • send your CV,
  • to attach articles to wordscom document
  • to insert in a letter to a publication – that's great, if there will be 2-3 5,
  • send a list of ideas – the chances are high (if the ideas are really unique).

An ideal variant – a list of ideas + 2-3 references (provided that they are placed in adjacent sources).

That is, if you prepare a letter in Cosmo, can I get links to the texts published on the websites of women's issues.

As the fastest to fill out the portfolio, read the following material.

Natalia Zhilyakova, an expert on the gloss

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