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My name is Natalia Zhilyakova, and more than four years I taught the girls (and sometimes boys) the art of cooperation with glossy magazines. Under the gloss, we mean entertainment magazines and websites, in addition to photo shoots and descriptions of fashionable new products to meet interesting texts, useful advices, life stories, opinions of experts, experiments, stories, and other materials. That is, publications that can be readand not just watch.

The results of our graduates the authors of the gloss, you can read here and on the page with the reviews.

  • Now you have the opportunity to learn all the intricacies of glossy journalism and the peculiarities of cooperation with popular publications!

IMPORTANT! Training takes place in the recording!

All information posted on the school website — GO. You get access for a year. and study materials at your own pace.

So what you waiting for in the new training "the author of the gloss 2.0":

The main difference of this project is the emphasis on writing in the gloss.

At the beginning of the study, each participant chooses in which to prepare the text. All jobs run immediately "under article". For example, study the types of headlines in glossy magazines and then come up with 5-7 options for your material, etc.

The result of successful completion of the training — ready article which you can send to selected editors.

Over the synopses will also work. And you will pass a lot of practical exercises that will help you learn the features of preparation of texts for the gloss.

After the training you will have a ready article that you can submit to the journal, and a list of synopses (ideas, materials) prepared for a specific publication. Also you have the knowledge to create texts in different genres, how to come up with ideas for new articles and how to arrange them in synopses, how to study publication and collaboration with editors.

Look at what you will learn and do during the training "the author of the gloss 2.0"

Week 1. Attitude and preparation

  • Attitude for success — a master class from a psychologist Olesia Haradinaj.
  • Which edition to choose for cooperation.
  • How to determine the format of publication.

The first week will be very busy. You have to learn a lot of glossy magazines, but reading them you will not just. You will learn to identify the format of each magazine and website, to highlight their features, you will know what to offer, and — most importantly — tune for good luck!

Invited trainer — Olesya Garanina, psychologist, pre-school teacher, winner of the Grant of Moscow for achievements in the Humanities, is the author of numerous articles on child-parent themes on the portal "Home".
The author and project Manager "Education online" (, actively cooperates with the newspaper "Mother" coming out in Washington state. Author and presenter of workshops for parents and courses of improvement of qualification for teachers, psychologists and social workers in the center of practical psychologists "Equalis". Co-author of books on the subject of raising a child up to 4 years (published by Phoenix).

At the master class Olesya "Can I write in gloss" you will learn to identify the fears that prevent you to start as an author, and learn how to overcome them.

While you can watch a recording of the master class Olesya absolutely for free! — Go!
(click on the "show")

Week 2. The idea and synopsis

  • What to write about? (5+1 ways to find ideas for articles).
  • Rules for the preparation of synopses.
  • Mistakes that can ruin any idea.

This week you will learn skills constantly generating new ideas and practice to arrange them in the synopsis. This week, perhaps one of the most important in the training. Especially for those who have already tried to write in different wording, but the answer yet has not received.

Week 3. Genres and the beginning of work on the text

  • Genre characteristics of gloss.
  • "Lists" and more other popular formats glossy texts.
  • Tips for drawing up a plan of the article.
  • Bonus — How to conduct a science experiment for the gloss?

During the third week you will study the features of different genres that are most often found in the gloss (experiment, true story, book, speaker, etc.). Decide the format of your material and compose it plan.

The plan is an essential part of the work on the text. The author is a tool that helps to reduce up to 50% of the time work on the article!

Invited coach Anna Sannikov, journalist, author of the Internet project "Masters of words", online coach. Experience in journalism — 14 years. The winner of the contest "Great journey", the participant of the training Natalia Zhilyakova "Humor in gloss". The author of two books for masters of the word.

Anna will give a master class on the topic "List of popular format of glossy text". It lists causes and think creatively: what else can I say? You will learn how to choose items which will hook the reader as an outline list, you can turn into a nice text.

The recording of the master class which was held by Anna, can be purchased separately from the training. The cost was 500 RUB. (write on [email protected])

Week 4. Realism (heroes and experts)

  • Where and how to find heroes for the article.
  • How to write a story that you will want to read.
  • Features of cooperation with experts.

This week will have to stay in the network. You will pass through places where there are unusual characters, whose stories can decorate your text, and learn to extract from them striking facts. You will also establish contacts with experts (for academic articles, we will advise of professionals ready to work "in the future") and will be trained for them to make questions.

Week 5. Gathering information and drafting

  • What sources to collect information to better use.
  • The plan of work on the text.
  • Simple way to get rid of the fear of the white sheet.
  • Extra information in the text (which you definitely need to throw out the article).
  • The inset is what it cost them to add.
  • 11 schemes of writing a Lede for a glossy texts.

This week will be a little easier and you will be able to take a little time out (to relax, too, need)). And you study sources of collecting information are reliable and those which you should avoid, and deal with the rules of drawing up of leads.

The lead is the face of your text, advertising of all the material. You have just a few lines to tell the reader "You just need! Do not turn the pages over until you have read everything on this turn!".

Week 6. Decoration

  • Talk about stylistic techniques and means of creating a comic.

But if simply, you will learn how to write with humor, to add to the text jokes and "paint" it with bright details.

Coach invited — Hope Vlasov, candidate of philological Sciences, lecturer VUNTS air force "air force Academy" (Voronezh). He defended his thesis on "Anecdotal in works of A. Platonov of the late 1920s – early 1930s". Examines the poetics of the comic, that is versed in hyperbole, lithotech, metaphors, etc.

Hope will teach you not to be afraid of literary terms, and use them to decorate their glossy texts.

The recording of the lesson of Hope can be purchased separately from the training. The cost was 500 RUB. (write on [email protected])

Invited trainer — Victoria Danilova, candidate of sociological Sciences, winner in the nomination "the Best advertising Manager" in the Annual international Contest of recognition of professional achievements in the field of PR and advertising "Gold Sable-2011", the expert in self-branding.
Experience in strategic marketing and advertising is 9 years. Business coach, corporate and personal workshops and seminars. Worked with major foreign companies and domestic.
Publishes articles about marketing and advertising in relevant publications, "the Advertiser. Theory and practice", "New marketing", "PR in Russia and abroad" and so on. Author of "Self-branding: Marketing identity."

Victoria have prepared for you a master class "the Author's image: style on paper". You will learn what a literary image, whether the journalist's individual signature, recognizable style, and how to become memorable for the reader, and as a result expected by the author.

Entry the master class and Victoria can be purchased separately from the training. The cost was 500 RUB. (write on [email protected])

Week 7. Editing

  • How to edit your text.
  • How to assemble the blocks and "pieces" in a single material, without compromising quality.
  • Formula for a good title.

The main task this week is to add the text. You will learn to identify a balance between "an article" and "can be even a little bit better," edited and subtracted so that the author's perfectionism has not allowed to turn sour material, which has long been time to write and send.

Coach invited Lena Loseva, the legendary author of the journals Cosmo and Cosmo-psychology!

Lena has prepared for you a special master class, during which you will learn how to correctly (and safely its journalistic ego) to reduce their texts. And it will hold the session "question-answer", and you can find out all the secrets glossy from popular author.

Important! The performances of Lena can be purchased separately. The cost was 500 RUB. (write on [email protected])

Week 8. Communication with the editorial Board

  • What should be the ideal text for the gloss.
  • Where and how to search for contacts editor of the printed edition.
  • How to find contacts editor of the website.
  • Career development plan author's gloss.

All that did not manage to do finish during these two weeks. Also at this time, participants take their finished article.

Each week includes:

  • 1-2 webinars
  • lectures,
  • a video tutorial
  • tasks, you will make your first serious text for the gloss.

Membership options:

"The listener"

  • Access to lectures, video tutorials, recordings of webinars.
  • The opportunity to ask questions on the enclosed page.
  • One of the finished article (taken after training).
  • Bonus 1 — a set of intelligence cards in glossy journalism.
  • Bonus 2 — ebook-training "Development of creative thinking".

You independently perform all the tasks and by the end of training pass the text to check. After the remarks of the editor again send option and get recommendations for further work.

Cost — 5 900 RUB.

✅ If you want to access the content of the training, write to Natalia Zhilyakova on [email protected]


  • Access to lectures, video tutorials, recordings of webinars.
  • Exercises from the main unit (for articles) and additional (to development of creativity, style, etc.).
  • The opportunity to ask questions.
  • 2 consultations via Skype.
  • The finished article (written at the end of the exercise, the text is prepared for the selected edition, you can use to publish).
  • Bonus 1 — a set of intelligence cards in glossy journalism.
  • Bonus 2 — ebook-training "Development of creative thinking".
  • Bonus 3 — record of training "the Hunt for ideas is open!" (45+ ways to find ideas for articles).
  • Bonus 4 — 10 synopses (!), prepared for the selected revision.

The main difference between VIP-group "Author" from "the Listener" in a personal communication. We are going twice in an hour and a half to meet on Skype (if need be, larger and longer), keep in touch and keep in touch. That is, we will communicate as long as necessary to perform all the basic training objectives: the verification exercise, preparation of synopses and articles.

Cost 17 900 rubles.

✅ If you want to access the content of the training, write to Natalia Zhilyakova on [email protected]

Training takes place in the recording!

All information posted on the school website — go to.

You study the materials and pass them in a convenient pace. Access to all records will be open for you during the year from the date of registration on the training website.

Recommended duration — 8 weeks (basic training) and 2 weeks for revision job.

See you at the training!

The expert in the world of gloss,
Natalia Zhilyakova

P. S. still have questions? Ask them in the comments to this post or send me an email — [email protected]

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