Realistic (for)work online?

Recently been reviewing my photos and in the folder "Good", I came across this picture:

Photo old. The beginning of 2005 year. In Voronezh — election race. We just finished the next issue of the newspaper. And Sasha, coder (in the background), brings the film to take them to the printer.

By the way, at hour 01:50 minutes. Night, if that. It was, perhaps, one of my longest working days. Or rather, day))) I go Home only 40 minutes. But at 8:30 I was already back on the job. The boss didn't matter what time we left. The main thing — at half past eight, all in the field. Elections — harsh thing.

In 2009 I went on maternity leave... was Gone from the company and from the advertising journal. And after I rushed curses on the topic like me, the bastard, dared to get pregnant when we "need to take the magazine."

Work for hire — basically, a harsh thing. Even if the boss loves you, appreciates and other blah-blah — all this is done for the result. In the ranks? You need. In the decree? Yeah damn you... sorry.

If I want to the office?

Even thinking about this.

Now the end of the day, I'm sitting in the soft chair and his feet on a chair. I feel so comfortable to work with. I looked to the forum — agree with friends to meet on Saturday. Then I checked the new posts in one remarkable community Vkontakte. Then in another)) Replied to a message from a friend, looked to Twitter, simultaneously formulated the idea for this post.

The way I operate. I'm comfortable with it.

And on April 10th I'm going to tell you about their work at the conference " — decree work and the Internet" (will be held from 8 to 22 April).

Yes, I want to let you know that work like that and in the decree it is possible to earn decent money, just need to find their niche, define their vocation, to choose something you are interested in doing.

You know what I think?

The end of the day, and I never yelled.

No one. I'm my own boss, and to me this situation is completely satisfied.

Want to learn about remote work anymore? Please register for the conference!
Participation is absolutely free!

Natalia Zhilyakova.

See you at the conference for working remotely!

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10 thoughts on “Really (for)work online?

  1. That's it. And me in the back flew zlopyhaniya of the once-loved chief. And I was a "traitor", because it wasn't supposed to get pregnant without permission)))
    Sick people, what else to say...

  2. Good article ;))) Motivates the exploits =) Thank you, Natalia!
    I wish you success in the professional field, and in that chair like that 😉

  3. The decree will end in September. I knew I wasn't going back to my old place of work. Because far and inconvenient schedule of work for mom. But absolutely nowhere to go... And could not conceive! And here I sit and think, and not to draw if I PI)) I now really nowhere to go don't want to. I realized that I work easier, more interesting, more productive. Opportunities — the sea. Daring dreams of the type of gloss, copywriting, blogging, infobusiness. This is so cool!

    • Irina, to September, almost six months, just have time to try for themselves different ways of earning (and working)).