The School website of the authors of gloss for three years.

Three years ago one of the nights of September I have registered your domain and it is the 27th of September on this website were first published "10 "glossy" tips".

Then I had to work at night: information on how to create a website and how to fill it, it was really a lot of time in the day did not increase. I wanted to create a platform, a place to collect together all the achievements, notes, post interview, invite readers to trainings and workshops.

I remember those days with gratitude: to his – because he decided, to the family for their support and of course to you, dear readers, because your interest in the project gives me the strength to continue to study the gloss further and to share with you my new finds. And thanks to your attention I am aware that in that period of life has picked the right path out of many options and turned on the right track.

Today we celebrate the birthday of the website and in honor of the holiday, we give you gifts!

1 gift: Only until Monday (22.00 Moscow time) returned 40% discount on training "the author of the gloss 2.0. The perfect article"!*

We have strengthened the program by experienced speakers and added bonuses. Read the details here and make a decision today

Each master class will be assessed separately. The cost of one 1000. Now you can register for a course and to access the performances of all coaches cheaper than if bought entry separately!

* discount valid only if you purchase "the Listener"
** at checkout enter discount code – dr-40.

2 gift: Pdf report "Check-list of ideas for the perfect gloss"

  • How to understand good the story idea you came up with or what?
  • It will be of interest to the editor or he deem it unsuccessful?
  • Whether it is possible to evaluate the idea?

I have prepared for you a list of signs of a good idea. Download free a list with all the notes here – download.

3 gift: a Set of recordings of webinars, glossy journalism
(suddenly you have some yet):

  1. Transformation Goals
  2. The plan of work for the author
  3. Trends of glossy journalism
  4. The main components of a good article
  5. Edit text
  6. Humor in gloss
  7. How to work with multiple publications simultaneously

Download for free!

Also in honor of our celebration, we begin the creative contest "My favorite magazine". Conditions of participation please read this article.

This morning my husband gave me these flowers with the words "Best teacher and founder of the school of authors gloss!"

Three years later, finally received recognition from professional teacher)))

Good luck texts and all the best!
Natalia Zhilyakova,
expert gloss and a happy person

P. S. All of the materials included in the gifts available to download for a week (until October 4). Additional discount on the package "Listener" training "the author of the gloss 2.0. The perfect article" is valid until 22: 00 hours on September 29.

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