Runaway bride Cosmopolitan — Voronezh

At the beginning of June in Voronezh has passed the action "Runaway bride Cosmopolitan".
See photos of exactly how we ran, out where and why at the end of the fight.

Going bride in the beautiful Petrovsky square in the center of the city.
According to tradition, went for a walk in historical places...
...and immediately "met" grooms))
No, boys, today girls only.

Armed with balls. To escape further. And me! And I ball!

— Mom, I want them! — said the girl.
And I would not mind, ' thought the young man.Doll of the bride near the Puppet theatre. And then we caught up with the rain... (( And had to hide behind the backs of agents in the cinema. Plans for tonight (which I, incidentally, was prepared two months) flew away like a balloon. But we had a fallback! And the most gorgeous (and long!) limousine in Voronezh......we went to the shopping center "Grad".Sorry, was not the day of the airborne troops, and then dived into the fountain))But took a ride on the attraction "the Flying bride". Zhenya and Lena already the incident))by the Way, in the shopping center we came very handy))the Bride decided to play a game of giant chess, but we were the only white((And we did not upset what was under the roof. After all here too there was the sky!

But what about the bouquet? Attended!)

Bouquet throwing until then, until it caught everyone of the bride. In short, in the shopping center we walked heartily))But the rain ended and it was time to return to the street. In front of the club girls decided to warm up. And then I played in glam-box))Oh, we're a runaway bride and not flown away!

Caught Lena and went to the club "Velvet" to the party. There we waited for cake and champagne on special order)Girl handed me a Cup "the Best promoter the Runaway bride")) has everything?Until next summer!

photo: Konstantin Tolokonnikov, Annie Nazarenko, Lena Pashkova, Galina Semenova.

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