The sensation of autumn — a memoir grace Coddington

Autumn sensation in the world of glossy magazines — book "Grace: A Memoir" written by the creative Director of Vogue grace Coddington, is available. The main intrigue is the relationship with the editor of Vogue, Anna Wintour.

Anna Wintour and grace Coddington at fashion show

Two of the most influential ladies in the world of fashion Anna Wintour and grace Coddington are always together. Anna and grace create fashion and style for over 20 years. Red-haired grace is the creative Director and stylist Vogue. Coddington, previously a successful model and the only person who dares to argue with "the worst woman in the world".

And though grace she takes criticism very personally, she is not afraid to argue and prove his innocence. Anna believes the assistant professional from God and is sure that it is such a strong personality, like grace, need it to work effectively. The former model made sure only Wintour is helping her to progressive thought.

Anna and grace: sister's in Vogue

Anna Wintour is known to all who ever is interested in fashion. Others learned about it after the release of the film "the Devil wears Prada". The prototype of the bitchy heroine Meryl Streep was just Anna.

Stylist editions, dictating the laws of fashion world, grace Coddington, became famous after the world saw the documentary "the September issue", tells of a most unusual room of a fashion magazine. It was there shown the talent and grace as a creative and a unique stylist. Therefore, even before the book Coddington has announced that " would be very valuable for the history of fashion. She's more than just me."

The book of revelation

Stylists in fashion magazines was always about them but no one spoke. The book of revelation is a talented stylist Vogue recounts the incredible journey of the girl to worldwide fame: wild romances, tragic accident, perecherknula her modeling career, two marriages, the loss of loved ones and the comprehension skill. But, of course, the most interesting and anticipated in the book — the story of uneasy relations with the "iron lady" gloss Anna Wintour.

Here are some excerpts from the book:

"Pretty weird, but I (grace) had no idea how much are picky and stubborn in defending their opinions, until I saw "September issue".

"Anna once said that I'm the only person in the world of fashion that can really "get" her meticulousness".

"The most striking thing about Anna is that she never cares about how people like it or not."

The book is grace which was released in November and has already become a bestseller. On Amazon you can purchase it for $ 19.

Irina Prozorova for School authors gloss

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7 thoughts on “a Sensation of autumn — a memoir grace Coddington

  1. Great! In my opinion, such revelations are always in the top. Especially when it comes to gloss. I'd like to read, to be honest. In the pictures it is, of course, scary...

    • Oh, I watched "the September issue"! There is generally no, even hard to believe that she was a model. But when you look at the photo of grace during the model youth, of course, Yes-beautiful!

    • Maybe Russian translate?.. I would also be honored.

  2. After the film on the September issue of realized what the stylist is professional for a fashion magazine. Grace — such.
    Regarding the article: I liked and so I began to search all about grace on your network. Many interesting things found, drawings of her liked it.

  3. Great! I would have written-a long-awaited book, but didn't even know that it comes out in the light. so thank you so much for the news, eagerly waiting to read grace.

  4. The article is interesting because it is not only abstract to a new book. In the article we show personality who despite his age is still an interesting world and the world her interesting. And all this thanks to inner freedom: “the Most striking thing about Anna is that she never cares about how people like it or not.”