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My name is Natalia Zhilyakova, from 2010, the year I help authors to get into the glossy magazines. And I can teach you to write in gloss! In magazines, on websites and blogs.

Maybe two options of study: independent and in the form of coaching. In the first case, you will gain access to the training "the author of the gloss 2.0. The perfect article" (description here), where in detail, lesson by lesson, the whole way of the author in glossy magazines, and study it yourself.
Access training is 5 900 RUB.

In the second case, we work individually. Meet at the consultations online or in person (if you live in Voronezh), communicate, I support you on every step and explain in detail what to do, how to come up with ideas on how to write this or that part of the text to put in the publication, etc.

Options coaching two:

Express coaching
— discussion of 7-10 ideas for articles
— preparation 5-7 synopses for redaction,
— writing 1 article in chosen newspaper,
— access training "the author of the gloss 2.0. The perfect article",
— 4-5 consultations via Skype.

Cost — 15 000 rubles.

Coaching for results
— discuss 20 ideas for articles
— preparation 15-20 synopses for the two (!) selected publications
— write two articles,
— access to trainings, "the Author of the gloss 2.0. The perfect article", "Humor in glossy magazines", "the Hunt for ideas is open!" and to the knowledge
— 10 or more consultations.

Cost — 30 000 rubles.

I repeat that in this case, we work to result! That is, until publication, which you chose for cooperation. Sometimes this coaching lasts a few months. You can pause, go on holiday and, if necessary, change edition.

If you are interested in some variant or you have questions, email me at [email protected] or Vkontakte.

Perhaps you will need these materials:

The manual "10 steps to publication. How to become the author of the popular publication"
Read =>>

A check-list of the "Ideal text for the gloss"
Download =>>

Mind maps — a Collection for the author of the gloss
Download =>>

Kit "the Basics of writing a text" (Handbook, mind maps and mini-training!)
View and free download from Yandex-disk =>>


Questions about training you can ask in the comments or email [email protected]

26 thoughts on “Trainings

  1. Hello!
    Interested in Your course and would like to access free review.

    • Alena, the course has already started, for free you can visit two of the first webinar. In the recording they now are for members only.
      In April, the course will be sold in the "box", and then it will be possible to test individual blocks. The next training will be online in June, and I again invite to anyone to join.

  2. Want to get information about the next seminars. How to do it?

    • Arina, at the end of each article there is a form to subscribe to site news. To subscribe (and receive information about all events and updates) you can, if you fill out a subscription form right on the home page.
      You need to enter your name and address in the next window, select "send me email", then confirm your subscription.

    • On sale will be in may. Information will appear on the website and in the newsletter.

  3. Prompt, please, where you can learn more the difference between groups
    "Party", "The Listener". More precisely, what they are getting at the output, what skills? And what basic knowledge is needed for a particular group.
    Very interested in the course but can't decide what suits me better.
    By profession I am not a journalist but sometimes I write stories.
    And now faced with the need to write articles for the website of the organization, selling and conducting the trainings of personal growth, and writing them is necessary so that it was interesting, but not boring-educational.

    • Inna, the difference is that in one version you get the information yourself and hone skills. But! — you can ask while learning all the necessary questions. Option "Listener" is more suitable for those who already know how to write and want to improve your level, learn to cooperate with larger publications want to learn techniques for creating texts in the entertainment journalism (just the same metanodes)))

      In the "Party" we add to the theory of practice — carry out tasks, which help hone the skills of creating texts for magazines.
      Read more about the difference you can see on this page —

  4. Hello, Natalia! May confuse something, but You kind of were a course on "Humor in the glossy"? If so, is it available for purchase if you would like to participate?

    • Irina, until there is only one webinar on this topic. Online training on this topic will be held in late January. Information is on the website and in the newsletter.

  5. Please tell me how is called the training (view)
    when 2-3 people from the staff of one enterprise are trained to go to any training then they are already trained to teach their colleagues ??????

    tell me

  6. Natalia, Hello!
    Wanted by the affiliate program to earn some money. Went to Justclick and lost. How everything is configured, where to get referral links to your products can not understand.
    Do you have instructions for partners?

  7. Good evening, Natalia. Accidentally discovered your website, in connection with which the question arose.
    My themes relate to the field of philosophy, theosophy, psychology, which reveal the essence of their misconceptions and the meaning of philosophical Ideas is still not fully understood.

    As stated in one of the reviews, in response to the topic about the concept of the Unified field...,
    "Science uses the concept "field". But this Concept of a "Unified field" in science had not been adopted because of its incompleteness... was Not understood until the end of the essential foundations of this great and mighty binder "Force" that HOLDS "in itself" EVERYTHING that exists (visible and invisible)!...*
    Notice that... as a comprehensive Science IDENTICAL with YOUR Understanding of the nature!
    Are there any publications that dare to publish the themes from the series, "Truth from the depths of the delusions."
    Sincerely, Alfiya.

    • Alfie, nice to meet you!
      I think you should pay attention to the magazines "Science of the 20th century" and maybe "Mysteries of history". Come out once a week, periodically publish ads that invite authors to collaborate.

  8. After completing the course "the author of the gloss" you can get a certificate or some proof that I studied there?

  9. Hello!
    Wanted to download free course "basics of writing", but it did not. The 404 error.
    Tell me, pojaluysta, the course is no longer available?


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