In search of a theme

Perhaps, in every glossy magazine ever there was a topic "Where to find the man of your dreams", and you, as readers, know by heart the places there are real princes. But can you quickly answer the question "Where to find the history of your dreams?". For the authors of the gloss tips on the subject will never cease to be useful. After all, the story of a dream is the theme, the idea, the thought that will please the editor, to grow into the text and appear in the pages of the favorite publication. Let's see, where the atmosphere of inspiration and where you want to go searching for those texts.


An easy place to start is the Internet. In fact, any event, the news can develop into a "glossy" material. Don't have to be a good Internet surfer, it is sufficient, for example, to subscribe to our social networks in the public.

Recently I received an invitation from the group of one art cafe for a night of speed Dating. What speed Dating is not a topic for the author's material? It is possible and to carry out an experiment, and to make the top tips on how to behave at this event to get the maximum benefit.

Another place where you can find the idea of your dreams on the Internet is forums. You can use discussions for new and expectant moms, forums about love, the right way of life. You should pay attention to the forums themselves glossy magazines. Here you can find specific requests from readers to write on a particular topic.

In the movie

The cinema – just a storehouse of unusual love stories, action dramas and philosophical issues. You can use endless lists of "the 100 best films about love at the American film Institute / Nikita Mikhalkov / Justin Bieber", and it is possible to arm the advice of friends. The important thing is to consider the episodes from the point of view of potential topics for articles.

The second option is actually cinema. Here to the above film, from which you can pull out an interesting story that added real people. They can observe and even overhear what is there to prevaricate. Surely someone from the audience tells his friend's unusual (or usual) case, and your job is to catch it and reflect. The peculiarity of this "eavesdropping" in cinema is the overall direction of the lessons. Most likely, the audience will discuss the topic, which is shown in the film, and therefore, the thoughts will be matched in the same vein. In addition, you can hear a few different perspectives on the same story.


To combine business with pleasure on a friendly meeting. Sitting with a friend in a café, listen and note interesting facts. Find new – that is what the author of the gloss. It's like you become even more attentive friend. You will see the world from a different point of view, as globally as it sounds, and might encounter some interesting problem or a funny story. If the topic of the article, it doesn't blow up, it is possible to write a story. And what journals accept to publish the stories, we already wrote. Besides, such a meeting can be a good practice interview. But keep in mind that your sweet talk did not turn into an interrogation. And now the girlfriend will not be to coffee:)

In beauty salon, SPA-salon

Perhaps, after the vicissitudes of love, the second place among the most discussed topics is beauty, caring for yourself. To talk about the latest beauty products, not being a professional, of course, difficult to invent the idea problematic. Therefore, written to his master in the beauty salon and elicits what is happening on the modern front care. From this conversation, you can catch and trends of makeup, hair coloring, and issues faced by client due to experimentation with the appearance. If you're lucky, will hear stories of life that will only draw on paper. And in your hands to develop the information obtained to a specific topic. Then you can continue to work with the same expert on the subject. If you go somewhere laziness — you can test the novelties of the beauty industry (but it is better under the master's supervision).

In any public place

Today at the bus stop I heard a young man talking to his girl (probably her) because she's acting too outgoing with the men. And the girl replied that she was going to decide what to be. The situation is standard, but in my mind immediately was born a few thoughts that could be developed to the article on the gloss. For example, is a compromise possible between a man and a woman against personal freedom? Whether each couple can decide what it should be? What does it mean for men (women) personal space?

Journalist profession is so public that we need constant contact with people. So I advise you to listen to what's happening at bus stops, in public transport, on the street, in the store. You can meet some interesting couples, serious situation, important issues. Just look around, develop powers of observation, and life itself will tell the story of your article.

Tamara ermoshkina for School authors gloss

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2 thoughts on “In search of a theme

  1. Great! Great tips. It seems to be using it all in practice, but once again to repeat does not interfere! )

  2. Thank you for the interesting article, to me the idea of cinema liked: there really is something to dream. And about the boundaries of personal freedom myself for a long time I think.)