A magical vacation. Part two

HERE I told about his magical journey to Germany. Magical — because it happened to me so many incredible things. For example, I finally found a four-leaf clover, saw end of the rainbow, no longer afraid to walk the ladder...

In your photo I inserted one false fact. First it was discovered Anastasia Khudyakova. Nastya has got a prize of 500 rubles and the title of Honorary detective. (Of course, Adler and Wiesbaden is not the twin cities)))

And here's the photo-proof of other facts. Let's start with how my son ended up in the trash. At first it was innocent:

- Aunty, what are you doing?

Oops, and there's no boy))

I understand that you want to call me a rotten mother, deprived of parental rights and... to know why it is, in fact, there has been. In Germany, garbage is divided by types: food, packaging, paper and technical waste (batteries, as I explained). Throw a plastic box in products — to pack a bag, and out of the country may run into a fine.

We like this happened. Glass bottle accidentally fell into a package of securities. First my sister tried to get the bottle itself — is not reached. I decided to try using relatively easy little boy.

Yes, I have proved myself in this situation purely journalistic, and not feminine: ran for the camera instead of having to get that baby out. But I have an excuse! First, I knew that the container is clean (well as clean... paper inside). Secondly, where will I get such footage?))

The boy was pleased with the adventure, and subsequently laundered)) And I later performed in the Park its very dream — found a four-leaf clover.

It, of course, someone has found before me. But with neotlozhnye leaves was my only option.

There's the rainbow!

Experts, prompt, whether edge deep in the water, called end of the rainbow?

The old man, rolling his black dog on the boat was touching and strong, at least oars, he rowed steadily.

Filed off (dumped?) the tree on Neroberg. In principle, can be completely fit in the trunk, but the dust was so sticky and dirty that I played in a squirrel just off the edge of the hole))

The tree is grown in a bench or a bench near the tree?

Who did not believe in double-Decker trains? Pay attention to the instance in the window. We sit in the same.

The Institute in Marburg, where he studied Lomonosov.

And immediately proceed to the Park, which is on the site of the cemetery.

Not far from playgrounds...

The hinged bridge, which I "won")))

Tractor Lamborghini (logo is read?)

Train from Romashkovo Wiesbaden: hour city tour with two stops, adults and 6.5 euros. Value is not in the tour, of course, but the fact that you can present yourself with a doll, where the hostess decided to show the world.

And a few shots that I just love.

In the company of like-minded people:

Advertising Newspapers at the airport in Frankfurt am main.

Well as pictures?)

More photos in THIS album (read the comments!).

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9 thoughts on “a Magical vacation. Part two

  1. Oh, the bench what "peace"!!! That's what it means to take care of periodu:)))
    The photo is of the newspaper — great! It is necessary to learn from experience.
    How many interesting things You saw! The pleasure received from viewing the extraordinary. Thank you:)))

    • It is strange that in the past, I haven't seen))

      And at the airport we met a company of the Scots in their national costumes. The plane was delayed, and the Maxim "friends" with him in the waiting room. Especially colorful looked high elderly African woman with dreadlocks in Scottish skirt and large hat.
      But no matter how hard I tried to persuade my husband to take pictures of them on the phone, did not agree((

  2. I "the company of like-minded people" liked it! And a doll in the train wanted to be:)) Good photo. And what is your camera?

    • Thank you!)
      Olympus, DSLR, but not fancy. Some photos were taken on iPhone and Nikon.

    • Okay, let's admit that you've put your dummy in Maksimovich pants)))