Hamsters, metrosexuals and Freud

Alexander Sunay, the participant of the contest "My favorite magazine".

I am a girl, but sometimes I have to carefully hide. Why? I live in the modern world. In this world, if my memory serves me, besides me, in joy, in sorrow, whether is home to about three billion of these same girls.

Since the time of dinosaurs girls had to be beautiful, to be able to cook and be able to lead a pleasant conversation. Today, cruel world on all sides a deafening pressure on the fragile female psyche, forcing us to think about not only daily bread, but also arms and legs to bite into the competition, not only in the field of personal life.

Even Scarlett O'hara in childhood taught humility and to be a "sweet fool". What came out of it – let them tell you of Rhett Butler and girls has very different concerns.

Psychologies magazine next year will celebrate its tenth anniversary in Russia. I want to believe that during this time the very name of this journal, written in an overseas language, ceased to be simply a set of illegible letters.

Last but not least through this magazine image of a modern girl has undergone significant changes. Now a fragile young lady could be present and thirst for knowledge myself, and dreams about a new red dress, and love hamsters, and even a very bold mental debate with the notorious Mr. Sigmund from Vienna. And they are not afraid of metrosexuals, because they have learned not to meet people on appearance, but every time a close look under this shell.

Psychologies is not a luster in its pure form, accustomed to all the frivolous girls of 13 and older, no offense to the gloss to be said. Readers of this magazine are not scare words, in which more than ten letters, and the edition with each new room slightly open all the new veil over those things, which is not to say. Should we love your mother? How to understand that become a victim and stop playing this role? How to become a parent for your parents? Why do children grow up different from us?

Psychology around us from all sides, threatening to take in a tight circle from which not go out. If at the age of five the girls were fairly new bears, and the boys – new cars, already after a decade of happiness requires something more. Glossy ideals: model looks, a beautiful family, puppet children, a big house, vacations in tropical countries are able to make happy not every one of us.

Psychologies magazine will help to find the way to themselves, will push for answers to questions about the importance which was not there before and thought.

What is the hamsters, metrosexuals and Freud? Saying that stereotypical thinking to anything good has not arguments. Read Psychologies, friends.

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4 thoughts on “Hamsters, metrosexuals and Freud

  1. Alexander, the excellent images in the text! And the screen saver fancy...

  2. If I fell out of love with Psychologies, I would love it again after this article)
    The most striking work!

  3. A wonderful text! ) Read in one breath, and as the title how positive emotions brought. ))

  4. Alexander, you have got a very exciting text! Makes you want more and more attentively view the pages of your favorite edition. Just let me say that the "gloss in its purest form" used not only frivolous girls. Many of the girls seen in the attachment to the glossy ideals, with no less pleasure reading and Psychologies! Yes, they only do not read))